belgian-style records...

...was founded in Chicago in late 2006. It specializes in making handmade albums and selling them at non-existant profit margins. Questions, concerns, and novella-length emails about how great your band is can be directed here.

We are delighted to offer the following slabs of rock:

The members of Joe Cooter and the Invisible Hands are big fans of rock and roll and the songs on their debut EP reflect that.

Limited edition of 40 CDs with handwritten (and somewhat varied) liner notes.

Joe Cooter and the Invisible Hands


1. Corinna (mp3)
2. I've Got a Match
3. The Modern Drunkard
4. 734-Disco
5. Petty Bruce (mp3)
6. Two Percent

Mojo Rojo's self-described "post modern pop rock" is a study in counterpoints: male/female vocals, loud/soft dynamics, and songs that are simultaneously technically demanding and viscerally satisfying. For fans of Built to Spill, Velocity Girl, Luna, and Hum.

Hand-screened sleeves.
Mojo Rojo
self-titled CD


1. Euphonology
2. Turpentine Valentine (mp3)
3. Shamrock
4. Space Cadet
5. Pomo Fo
6. Seraphins
7. Abilified
8. Her Effervescence (mp3)

Hay Perro is equally influenced by the precision of Iron Maiden, the rock and roll velocity of Motörhead, and the bombast of Turbonegro. Their second EP, "Summer of Destruction" is five songs teeming with harmonized guitar riffs and shoutalong choruses.

Hand-screened sleeves with fake blood.
Hay Perro
Summer of Destruction EP


CDs are sold out!

1. Rats in Red Leather (mp3)
2. Summer of Destruction
3. Everything is Permitted (mp3)
4. Kitty, Queen of Destiny
5. The End is Nigh

Pyrite has the illusion of being a basic rock band, but their sound has many layers: unusual arrangements, dual vocals, wiry minimalism, noisy maximalism, and a whole lot in between. Their full-length debut, Back Pain is a collison of no-wave, post-punk, noise-rock, and 60's psych, stirred together into jarring-yet-accessible three-minute songs.

Hand-screened sleeves. Limited edition of 100.
Back Pain


1. Maniacs (mp3)
2. Teenage Page
3. Balmoral Park Harness Line (mp3)
4. Dusty Rhodes (American Dream)
5. Cinema of Teeth and Eyes
6. Move On
7. Funerals and Birthday Parties (mp3)
8. Kids
9. Black Market Birth Control
10. Free Time
11. This is Serious
12. Tumor Mill
13. Can't Find My Baby
14. This/That